Wanderer's Guide to Enchanted Emporiums Hardcover

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The Quintessential Guide to Magic Items in 5E!

Crafting, buying, and selling magic items should be easy and exciting, but too often in 5E D&D, the DM is left scrambling to create unique shops and markets with full inventories – and has to invent their own rules for crafting and trading magic items.

Wanderer's Guide to Enchanted Emporiums sets that right with 200+ pages of exciting and easy-to-use content for buying, selling, and crafting magic items in 5E:

  • 3 epic marketplaces – with their own distinct flavorful theme, easy-to-use roll tables, establishments, and exciting events
  • 26 ready-to-play magic shops  complete with merchant NPCs, tips for bartering and roleplaying, intriguing quest hooks, and a complete inventory
  • 100 new magic items  fully illustrated, and of every type and rarity
  • 5 flavorful subclasses  inspired by the magic of mercantilism
  • 5 cute pets  to befriend and pit upon your enemies
  • 20 quirky curses and unstable effects  to add to any magic items to make them more exciting – or dangerous
  • Monster harvesting rules & recipes  for enchanting magic items using exotic ingredients
  • A simple and flexible crafting system  to upgrade or create magical wonders of your own
  • Rules & pricelists for trading magic items

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