Wanderer's Guide to Merchants & Magic Hardcover

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Magic Items Made Easy

All adventurers will eventually want to buy, sell, and trade magic items. In 5E, that's easier said than done – and usually requires hours of tedious preparation for the DM.

Because what are the rules for buying and selling magic items? How do you price magic items in 5E? And what does a magic shop look like?

Wanderer’s Guide to Merchants & Magic gives you everything you need to make trading magic items fun for the players and easy for the DM:

  • 23 ready-to-play magic shops (check out this sample!)
  • 120 new magic items
  • Prices for 300+ 5E magic items
  • 4 adventures for any 5E campaign
  • Rules & Guidelines for trading & pricing magic items in 5E

Looking to get a little more? Check out the Merchants & Magic Bundle.

      Customer Reviews

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      A must have for a DM

      This book helps me so much when planning merchant encounters for my players! The quick overviews of the magic merchants comes so handy in gameplay situations (planned or improvised). You are still able to tweak and modify e.g. the inventory for the current campaign and so on, but all the main building blocks and more are already there for you! Loving the shop security!!