A Heart of Cold – 5E Adventure

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A Heart of Cold is a setting neutral 3-6 hour adventure for 5E that can be run for parties of 4th-7th-level. It's an arctic tale of betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness that has the heroes facing curious goblins, terrible undead, an evil druid, and an ice banshee in order to save the townsfolk of a small hamlet in an icy dale.

The adventure can be run as a one-shot but also has advice on fitting it into existing campaigns – and fits specifically well into Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

The download includes:

Customer Reviews

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Mark Lucas
Great adventure!

This adventure is very well written. It gives the players as well as the DM many options for awesome roleplay as well as a captivating story and choices that matter and infuence the outcome.