Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels Hardcover

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Dark Magic. Wild Magic. Runic Magic.

Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels gives you 160 pages of unique content rooted in three types of magic so far unexplored in 5E Dungeons & Dragons:

  • Dark Magic – Hexes, jinxes, and rules for characters to play as lycanthropes, liches, shades, or vampires (check out the vampire here!)
  • Wild Magic – Improved wild magic table and unstable spellmarks
  • Runic Magic – A complete runic enchantment system with 20 unique runes!
  • 6 Merchant NPCs – Enrich your game with hexcrafter, spellwarper, and runecarver NPCs (check out this sample merchant!)
  • 35+ Dynamic Monsters – Including new mounts and magical companions (grab the cute snuffler here!)
  • 35+ Unique Magic Items  Including upgradeable items and item sets
  • 3 Plug-and-Play Adventures Original 5E adventures rooted in dark magic, wild magic, and runic magic

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