Buying & Selling Magic Items in 5E

Tons of legendary loot, magic shops, player options, pricelists, and guides for creating magic items!

Wanderer's Guide to Merchants & Magic also include 3 epic adventures!

Wanderer's Guide to Enchanted Emporiums comes with epic marketplaces and a robust enchanting system!

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  • The Perception Problem in 5E

    5E Dungeons & Dragons has a problem with Perception. When do you ask for Perception checks? And what is the difference between Perception and Investigation?

  • Pricing Magic Items in 5E D&D

    This guide provides everything you need to know about pricing magic items in D&D 5E. It looks at the main issues about how magic items are priced according to the official rules and provide solutions to these problems.

  • Best Magical Secrets Spells for 5E Bards

    This guide takes you through the best spells bards can choose as their Magical Secrets in D&D 5E. Counterspell, Revify, Wall of Force, Heal, Simulacrum, Wish, and much more...