About Us

Greetings, Friends!

WELCOME to our world of magical wonders and thrilling adventures. We are Eventyr Games — a small, yet passionate and zealous creative team, dedicated to making tabletop roleplaying games fun and effortless.

About Eventyr Games

Eventyr (ˈεːvənˌtyɐ̯ˀ) is the Danish word for adventure. But 'eventyr' also has a more nuanced meaning, referring to fairy tales (as those written by the famous Danish author H. C. Andersen) or can be used as an adjective that describes something incredible to the point of being enchanted or magical (”our trip to Denmark was 'eventyr-lig'„).

And that is exactly what we aim to do: Make adventures that are as enchantingly AWESOME as possible. Whether we’re creating original content or building upon adventures dreamed up by others, we seek to capture and nourish the sense of wonder, curiosity, and community that is at the heart of all great tabletop roleplaying games.

We invite you, daring adventurer, to join our Eventyr.