Colorful Cruelty – 5E Adventure

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Colorful Cruelty is a setting neutral 3-5 hour 5E adventure suitable for 6th–10th-level characters. A band of fomorians have captured a Fey Dragon and are now exploiting its magical powers to wreak havoc in the Dunkel Woods. Will the heroes be able to save the dragon and stop the fomorians once and for all?

The adventure can be run as a one-shot but also has advice on fitting it into existing campaigns – and fits specifically well with the official 5E adventure Wild Beyond the Witchlight.

The download includes:

  • 17-page PDF
  • 2 VTT-Ready Encounter Maps (Fomorian's Cave & Guardian Encounter)
  • 3 New Magic Items + Printable Item Card Handouts
  • 4 Original Monsters + VTT Tokens 

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