5E Magic Item Cards – Box Set

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Let Your Players Feel The Magic!

Get 400 high-quality, printed card handouts, including nearly all magic items in the 5E Dungeon Master's Guide plus a complete Deck of Many Things and Deck of Illusions!

With these beautifully illustrated card handouts, players get to truly feel that they've found a magical treasure – and always have their items' full descriptions at hand!

The 5E Magic Item Cards Box Set is a beautiful box with 400 card handouts:

  • 300 full-color, printed cards covering all magic items in 5E SRD
  • The complete Deck of Many Things (22 cards)
  • The complete Deck of Illusions (34 cards)
  • The Deck of Extras – additional potions of healing, spell scrolls, and more! (44 cards)

All magic item cards feature color-coded diamonds for rarity:

  • Common – grey
  • Uncommon – green
  • Rare – blue
  • Very rare – purple
  • Legendary – red

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Color code

Why rare items are coded blue, it should be yellow

Ryder Herring
Magic Incarnate!

These cards are amazing! There is nothing quite like having a tactile prop that players can have of the loot they’ve picked up! Not to mention the economy that pops up when people want to trade their magic items around between the party.

The gorgeous art makes it all the better, I’ve spent more time just looking at the art than reading the descriptions!

Matt Cloyd
Glad I came across Eventyr.

I had decided a while back to get the DnD item cards to help my players know/remember what items they have. This adds a great deal of new items they can find in the world. I personally prefer these over the official item cards by a long shot.


A beautiful and very useful and usable book


Great product