5E Magic Item Cards – Digital

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Let Your Players Feel the Magic!

Get 300 high-quality, full-color digital card handouts for nearly all magic items in the 5E Dungeon Master's Guide!

With these beautifully illustrated card handouts, players get to truly feel that they've found a magical treasure – and always have their items' full descriptions at hand!

The digital 5E Magic Item Cards are available to download immediately upon purchase in both PDF and JPG formats – check your email inbox for the download link!

    Customer Reviews

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    Worth the price

    These are a great addition to your TTRPG toolbox with great artwork and thorough item descriptions. I have used other printable cards that only have 1 card per page so getting 8 cards per page is nice but it's also frustrating. The cards come in alphabetical order with 8 on a page which means if you want 1 item on that page you have to print all 8. They do send the jpg files with the PDF so it is possible to insert the pics into another document and make your own page of items. I find that if you insert 1 at a time they are scaled to fit 8 per page.

    It would have been nice to see a list of included cards before I purchased them. I would have still purchased them because I like making my own stuff. I would have preferred instructions on how to put the jpg files into a document to make my own custom page of printables instead of the alphabetical PDF file.

    Also please consider not putting the name of the item on the back of the card. I was planning to give the item card to the party with instructions not to flip over until identified or attuned but then I realized the item name is on the back too. I like the artwork on the back and the generic item info like armor and needs atunement. I could actually do without any text on the back and just focus on the artwork, keeping players in suspense about the cool looking item they just found.

    Would I recommend this product?

    Mitch G
    Overall Excellent Cards

    The cards are excellent, love the imagery, font, and appearance of these cards. I'm not a big fan of how the official cards look like flashcards to prep for a test and these fix that. Another big bonus is the Eventyr App for custom items, as I have several in my campaign, and being able to print matching custom items is wonderful.

    My only issue is not the fault of the product, however, even with high-quality paper and a high-dpi printer, the cards will never be as nice as something professionally printed. I actually ended up buying their physical cards and I'm excited for when those arrive.