Wanderer's Guide to Enchanted Emporiums Bundle

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The Quintessential Guide to Magic Items in 5E!

Crafting, buying, and selling magic items should be easy and exciting, but too often in 5E D&D, the DM is left scrambling to create unique shops and markets with full inventories – and has to invent their own rules for crafting and trading magic items.

Wanderer's Guide to Enchanted Emporiums sets that right with 200+ pages of exciting and easy-to-use content for buying, selling, and crafting magic items in 5E. This bundle includes a hardcover book and PDF with the following content:

  • 3 epic marketplaces – with their own distinct flavorful theme, easy-to-use roll tables, establishments, and exciting events
  • 5 flavorful subclasses  inspired by the magic of mercantilism
  • 5 cute pets  to befriend and pit upon your enemies
  • 26 ready-to-play magic shops  complete with merchant NPCs, tips for bartering and roleplaying, intriguing quest hooks, and a complete inventory
  • 100 new magic items  fully illustrated, and of every type and rarity
  • Monster harvesting rules & recipes  for enchanting magic items using exotic ingredients
  • A simple and flexible crafting system  to upgrade or create magical wonders of your own
  • Rules & pricelists – to make trading magic items easy and fun!

        Also includes the following digital assets:

        • VTT-ready market maps
        • Creature tokens
        • 100 printable card handouts

        The Deluxe Box also includes:

        • DM's Screen – foldable and complete with rules and roll tables for trading and crafting magic items
        • Card deck – 100 printed card handouts complete with beautiful art and descriptions
        • Bookmarks – 3 bookmarks with rules & guidelines for enchanting and trading magic items, plus rollable treasure tables
        • Crafter's Toolkit – 2 sheets of magical property stickers and a deck of 50 blank item cards for building your own magic items
        • Printed Handouts & Cheatsheets – 10 high-quality letter-sized art prints with notes and cheatsheets on the back
        • Deluxe Storage Box – a beautiful cardboard box for storage of everything in the Deluxe Bundle

        Not sold yet? Check out this 11-page sample and see for yourself!

        Not looking to get the whole thing? Check out Enchanted Emporiums PDF or Enchanted Emporiums Hardcover!

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews

        Really high quality product, with beautiful artwork and great rules and ideas to use in my group’s campaign!

        Paul O'Grady
        Great Product

        Highly recommended. the tokens and item cards are great for VTT's!

        Jeremey Montgomery
        Great supplement for crafting and adding magic items

        I have yet to incorporate thus into my current campaign, however I am quite excited to. The details and simplicity for crafting items will make things a lot more intriguing and give my players something to look forward to. The inclusion of stores amd maps for them are awesome. As that is one less thing for me to prep as I still do old school pen and paper. The handouts are a very nice touch. Artwork is very detailed. Haven't played and a month or so due to conflict of schedules with my players but will resume shortly and am very much looking forward to incorporating into my campaign

        Must haves Items, Vendors, and Maps

        I invest into a lot of Kickstarter Projects, and Buying this one was one the best decisions I've made. I've been able to introduce new vendors, with more items akin to my campaign that my party might encounter.

        Michael Talbot

        I thoroughly enjoy the artwork. The wonderful descriptions of each area. The hooks. Simply amazing work.