Milando's Guide to Dark Magic PDF

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Milando’s Guide to Dark Magic presents a plethora of magical content for your 5E campaign. The scoundrel bard Milando explores the darkest aspects of the arcane arts to provide everything you need to give your adventures a twist of dark fantasy:

  • Blood's Bond, a dark adventure for 3rd- to 7th-level characters
  • Rules & Guidelines for curses and dark transformations – including feats for characters that wish to become liches, lycanthropes, shades, or vampires!
  • 2 hexcrafter NPCs that sell mysterious magic items and sinister services
  • 8 accursed magic items that promise great power – at a cost!
  • 9 dark monsters, including a companion creature and a mount
  • 30+ hexes & jinxes that’ll enhance and excite daring adventurers

The download also includes digital card handouts, full-color encounter maps, and creature tokens – everything you need to use the content with your favorite VTT!

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