Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity Bundle (Hardcover + PDF)

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Divine Inspiration for 5E D&D!

Too often, the divine feels like little more than an afterthought in 5E Dungeons & Dragons – something only clerics and paladins have a reason to care about.

Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity sets that right with 200 pages of divinely inspired content that brings the divine to life in 5E:

  • 6 ready-to-play relic hunts & 10 exalted encounters
  • 5 religious cults & 5 plug-and-play divine NPCs (check out the Oathbinder!)
  • 8 sacred subclasses & 25 new divine feats
  • 50 celestial creatures & other monsters (check out the Scrollwrapped Mummy!)
  • 60 mystical magic items, sacred vows, and divine boons
  • Rules and guidelines for everything divine, including building pantheons, designing deities, running rituals, and much more!

The bundle includes the following digital assets:

  • VTT-ready maps
  • 50+ tokens
  • 60 card handouts

IMPORTANT NOTE: This bundle does NOT include the Foundry VTT Module.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great product!

Matt W

Very useful, always great when you buy book and they include PDF. The content is great

Ed Roth
Organized Excellently

Deity and divinity concepts are outlined and broken down into succinct, understandable and digestible sections. Each aspect, from defining and creating the divine, to new subclasses and items, along with new adventures makes this book a must have for any DM employing gods in their campaign settings. Beautifully done.

Mark Lucas
Amazing book!

The content of this book is like all previous books, amazing. There are lot of idea´s and ready to use options to creature your own God(s) as well as extremely well written and detailed 1-map adventures that easily fill an evening to run. Just for the adventures alone, this book would already be worth buying. The monsters and magic items are unique and tailored for easy use. The new subclasses are incredibly thematic on point and lovely to play.

Jonathan Gerolami
Wonderful book

I obtain this book as research for players characters in my current campaign. Wonderful selection of idea to use in devising characters arcs,m mini ordeals, adventures and gives the player more to do with their divine focus character. This book has some nice additions to Feats, and explores filling out the role of the deity and how it effects the characters, such as ideas Rites, Sacre Vows, Boons, sacrifice, holy quest, what happens when that holy paladin decides to go murder hobbo the flock they were to defend, interesting new creature etc. If you are looking for a jumping off point to expand or spotlight such character of the celestial, holy(or unholy) vein then I suggest this would be a good source material for any DM.