Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels – Foundry VTT

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Dark Magic. Rune Magic. Wild Magic.

... if the wizard thought they knew everything there is to know about magic in 5E D&D, it's time to prove them wrong!

Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels for Foundry VTT gives you everything you need to excite your players and breathe new life into your game with unique content revolving around three types of magic so far unexplored in 5E:

  • Dark Magic – Hexes, Jinxes, & Dark Transformations for characters to become Liches, Lycanthropes, Shades, or Vampires.
  • Wild Magic – Unstable Spellmarks for Player Characters plus an improved and fully automated Wild Magic Effects table.
  • Runic Magic – A Runic Enchantment System with 20 Unique Runes.
  • 6 Merchant NPCs – Enrich your game with Hexcrafters, Spellwarpers, and Runecarvers.
  • 35+ Dynamic Monsters & 30+ Monster Tokens – Including New Mounts & Companions.
  • 35+ Unique Magic Items – Including Upgradeable Set Items.
  • 12+ Awesome Maps – Set up with lighting, walls, and tokens!

3 Brand New Foundry VTT Adventures

Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels for Foundry VTT also contains three ready-to-play 5E adventures, each of which is packed with hours of play, exciting encounters, awesome maps, and unique NPCs – and can easily be fit into an existing campaign:  

  • Blood's Bond. In this adventure suitable for a party of 3rd- to 7th-level, the heroes must unravel a curse upon the peaceful village of Eldermill – an endeavor that has them seeking out a dark witch, contending with wild elves, and tampering with ancient, elven monuments.
  • Mythical Madness. In this adventure suitable for a party of 6th– to 10th-level characters, the heroes must figure out why magic has gone rampant in the city of Emberdusk – an investigation that pits them against evil cultists, spellwarped monstrosities, and more!
  • Runic Recovery. In this adventure suitable for a party of 9th- to 13th-level characters, the heroes must retrieve a legendary runestone from an abandoned runecarver enclave – an undertaking that pits them against brutal constructions, deadly traps, and runic puzzles as they uncover the twisted result of the runecarvers’ final experiment.

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