Enchanted Emporium's Merchants – STL Bundle

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Developed for Wanderer's Guide to Enchanted Emporiums, this bundle features STL files for 10 merchants! The miniatures are scaled properly for a D&D table with 3 large (~65 mm) and 7 medium (~28 mm) merchants!

This bundle includes: 

  • Pit of Wonders (Brûkna, pit fiend)
  • The Abyssal Gaze (Xorbex, beholder)
  • Twinhelm Emporium (Varix & Thadeus, ettin)
  • Eggard's Blades (Eggard, hobgoblin)
  • Ildrix' Wonders (Ildrix, tiefling)
  • Kheks Swiftseeker (Kheks, lizardfolk)
  • The Blind Spot (Gizz, awakened bat)
  • The Blood Willow (Nahaei'eth, high elf)
  • The Serpent (Fehenra Immizil, drow)
  • Waveheart's Wonders (Kaela Waveheart, halfling)