Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity Hardcover

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Divine Inspiration for 5E D&D!

Too often, the divine feels like little more than an afterthought in 5E Dungeons & Dragons – something only clerics and paladins have a reason to care about.

Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity sets that right with 200 pages of divinely inspired content that brings the divine to life in 5E:

  • 6 ready-to-play relic hunts & 10 exalted encounters
  • 5 religious cults & 5 plug-and-play divine NPCs (check out the Oathbinder!)
  • 8 sacred subclasses & 25 new divine feats
  • 50 celestial creatures & other monsters (check out the Scrollwrapped Mummy!)
  • 60 mystical magic items, sacred vows, and divine boons
  • Rules and guidelines for everything divine, including building pantheons, designing deities, running rituals, and much more!

    Looking to get a little more? Save money and get the PDF (and more!) with the Heretic's Guide Bundle – or get just the Heretic's Guide PDF for digital-only content!

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