Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity PDF

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Divine Inspiration for 5E D&D!

Too often, the divine feels like little more than an afterthought in 5E Dungeons & Dragons – something only clerics and paladins have a reason to care about.

Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity sets that right with 200 pages of divinely inspired content that brings the divine to life in 5E:

  • 6 ready-to-play relic hunts & 10 exalted encounters
  • 5 religious cults & 5 plug-and-play divine NPCs (check out the Oathbinder!)
  • 8 sacred subclasses & 25 new divine feats
  • 50 celestial creatures & other monsters (check out the Scrollwrapped Mummy!)
  • 60 mystical magic items, sacred vows, and divine boons
  • Rules and guidelines for everything divine, including building pantheons, designing deities, running rituals, and much more!

    The Digital Assets include:

    • VTT-ready maps
    • 50+ tokens
    • 60 card handouts

    Wanna get physical? Check out the Heretic's Guide Bundle or go get Heretic's Guide Hardcover!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Digital Assets does NOT include the Foundry VTT Module.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Rory Crawford

    My only issue with this is that i didnt back it on kickstarter.

    This is another amazing product that adds a bunch more to clerics and paladins and even more to help you add flavor to your game.

    Another 5 star product and now i have the complete set.


    This is some of the best content for dnd since Kobold Press and Loot Tavern. This stuff is so good for any game with a cleric or about gods.


    This book is simply amazing for every DM that has a heavily religious setup. The subclasses are awesome, the whole religous concept is well written and the stat blocks of deities are very interesting. Also, the PDF provides us with some monster stat blocks, focused on the celestial theme. If you want to make your own pantheon, or if you want to use any of the already provided cults, this book is for you.


    I have played with the material yet but I love the subclasses (Templar ftw). I appreciate the level of detail that went into making the religions for a lack of better words feel real. The give examples for holidays, idioms npcs can say, and how devotion might work. Such cool details