5E Magic Item Cards – Box Set

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Let Your Players Feel The Magic!

Get 400 high-quality, printed card handouts, including nearly all magic items in the 5E Dungeon Master's Guide plus a complete Deck of Many Things and Deck of Illusions!

With these beautifully illustrated card handouts, players get to truly feel that they've found a magical treasure – and always have their items' full descriptions at hand!

The 5E Magic Item Cards Box Set is a beautiful box with 400 card handouts:

  • 300 full-color, printed cards covering all magic items in 5E SRD
  • The complete Deck of Many Things (22 cards)
  • The complete Deck of Illusions (34 cards)
  • The Deck of Extras – additional potions of healing, spell scrolls, and more! (44 cards)

All magic item cards feature color-coded diamonds for rarity:

  • Common – grey
  • Uncommon – green
  • Rare – blue
  • Very rare – purple
  • Legendary – red

Customer Reviews

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Matt Cloyd
Glad I came across Eventyr.

I had decided a while back to get the DnD item cards to help my players know/remember what items they have. This adds a great deal of new items they can find in the world. I personally prefer these over the official item cards by a long shot.


A beautiful and very useful and usable book


Great product

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